upzide-art makes your walls come alive


                                          -Living colours

This is art for brave people that want more than just decoration.

upzide-art is Graphic Designer Palle Hansen-Skov

On this webpage you will find my gallery of very colourful and dynamic paintings. They are often a mix of figurative and abstract elements.

These are paintings for any rooms where you want them to "stand out" rather than being a part of the wallpaper.

I show some of my paintings on this website. Just push on one of the links:  "Galleri" and have a look.

It's up to you if you want to put a frame on the painting. The sides of the paintings are either painted black or given a matching shade, so they can hang on walls without frames.

Every painting has a number.

If you would like to order, just write me a mail giving your NAME, ADRESS, MAILADRESS and PHONE NUMBER and the NUMBER OF THE PAINTING.

I will revert to you in order to arrange shipping and details of payment via bank-transfer.

Prices are exclusive shipping.

Mail me here: pallehansen@ymail.com

Fell free to contact me if you have any questions about the paintings or if you need guidance regarding placing/interior.

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